Pour tout savoir sur Magic the Gathering au Québec

Survey results about the competitive circuit in Canada

Thank you for all the participants for this survey. It’s 140 answers from all over the Canada except the Prince Edward Island!

My observations are at the bottom. Here are the results:


What motivates you to attend a regional championship (RC)?
• Pro Tour invites
• Trip with friends
• Play against the best Canadian players in an high level competition
• Experience
• Prizes

My observations :
• Pioneer and Modern are always popular, but the interest of Standard and Sealed are going up.
• The qualifications of 4 invites are what attract the most players even if the entry price is between $35 and $40.
• The choice between one or two regional championships per cycle is divided. Canada being a large country causes this dilemma.

I hope to see in big numbers in local tournaments, Weekend Tour and/or regional championship 💙